North Cyprus Property Inspection Trips

Buying your ideal North Cyprus property starts with a carefully planned North Cyprus property inspection itinerary.

What do we offer on our North Cyprus property inspection trips?

1. Flights and high quality accommodation in North Cyprus 

2. Airport transfers to and from North Cyprus Ercan or South Cyprus Larnaca & Paphos airports

3. Expert advice at your disposal during your North Cyprus property viewings

4. Legal introduction and assistance with opening your bank account, obtaining your
    tax registration number etc (waiting halls hardly have air-conditioning).

How long are our North Cyprus property inspection trips?

1. Minimum 3 days

2. Maximum 5 days

So what happens on our North Cyprus property inspection trips?

1. You are picked up at the airport by a smiling face (a North Cyprus property expert)

2. On average 5 different North Cyprus property sites per day are visited, usually arrangements would have been made with the developers / owners of these North Cyprus properties to be present. You should like to see who you are buying from, right?

2. The North Cyprus property sites visited are pre-arranged during our consultations prior to your arrival, that's why we ask all those questions before we send you out on our North Cyprus property trips. Some of you even have the privilege of filling in our North Cyprus property client profile forms.

3. Never forgetting the cultural and social aspects of course! Let us not reveal all at this stage!  Your North Cyprus property trip needs to be a memorable one so that you can tell your friends and family all about it!

4. Legal introduction, power of attorney, opening of bank accounts and obtaining your tax registration number - we will assist you with all of these during your stay in North Cyprus and in between your North Cyprus property viewings.

5. And of course back to the airport we take you with many pleasant North Cyprus property experiences.

What about the cost of our North Cyprus property inspection trips?

Our flights are heavily subsidised through our travel associates in the UK. Your accommodation and airport transfers in North Cyprus are fully covered by places overseas. 

Please speak to your consultant for availability of promotional offers for North Cyprus property inspection trips.

Our North Cyprus property clients also benefit from the following services

1) Complete travel arrangements, flights, car-hire etc.

2) Booking of your private North Cyprus villa or North Cyprus apartment if desired

3) Sim card for your mobile enabling free call charges during your visit

4) Free time and lunch breaks (so that you can make healthy decisions)

5) Discounts on white goods, air conditioners, furniture, etc. up to 20% once you have purchased your North Cyprus property.

6) Complete list of demographics of the areas you are interested in and amenities offered
in the vicinity; healthcare, pharmacies, movie theatres, restaurants, schools for children

7) Can you think of anything else?


In partnership with Diplomat Travel of London, UK.


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